If you have been contacted by Credit Solutions International Ltd regarding outstanding debt, you may be wondering what your options are and more specifically: what to do next.

The options may be summarised as follows:

Ignore the Issue / Do Nothing

This is initially the simplest and easiest option, since at this stage you may not be aware of how vigorously the foreign creditor pursues settlements. It also appears the cheapest because the increasing interest and costs over time are often not factored into a decision to do nothing. We urge you strongly not to take this course of action, as legal expenses alone can wipe out the possibility of an acceptable negotiated agreement with the creditor. To avoid escalation of the matter, contact us now by clicking on the Contact Us tab.

Seek Competent Advice (Free)

This is an excellent first action. Several free independent resources exist can help clarify a debtor’s position. In the UK, the most common of these are the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, the National Debtline and Stepchange (formerly Consumer Credit Counselling Service). You may also contact the Financial Conduct Authority which provides a practical leaflet on what to do when in default.  See contact details for these agencies provided by UK government website at the bottom of this page.

Seek Competent Legal Advice (Costs Vary Widely)

This is another excellent choice for debtors needing legal expertise. It may entail more than one source of advice due to the international nature of the debt obligation. We invite your counsel to carefully examine our previous court cases’ track record, in case similar legal arguments are proposed that have failed in the past and that would otherwise result in needlessly spending the debtor’s funds  –  funds that could equally have been used to settle the debt, using the same lawyers for less money. To date we have found that legal defences to the debt claimed due have in every case only resulted in delay and prolonging the matter at often substantial expense, whilst never being able to compromise the legitimacy of the sum demonstrably owed.

Challenge the Figures Claimed Owed

This may be a prudent route to take in cases where human error may have led to erroneous figures being inadvertently claimed. Credit Solutions International Ltd necessarily relies on figures passed to it by clients, so establishing the correct most recent amounts from the original creditors does give peace of mind. Errors in practice are the exception, not the rule, and existing procedures automatically offer the option to question figures presented.

Challenge the Legal Procedures Used

From experience, we know that legal challenges come in numerous varieties and are often eagerly seized upon as a “way out”. It is common knowledge that certain firms promote services promising to rescue its clients from existing obligations, and something of an industry has grown around this tantalising concept. In the pressured environment of debt, it is easy to confuse clever business marketing with legal argument and actual results. When the dust settles, however, the debtor may be served with a stiff judgment aggravated by a wad of legal bills. In extreme cases, the debtor may become legally bankrupt over a matter that could have been otherwise dealt with.

Whilst it would be inaccurate to say the company could never – in theory – lose a legal challenge, it is certainly accurate to say that not one debtor who has chosen to challenge the legitimacy of the debt has managed to escape the ultimate legal consequences and attendant costs of the debt in question.

Credit Solutions International Ltd is a specialist in its sphere of business, with methods refined with every completed file. Given this information, the debtor needs to consider if funds should be used to experiment with legal delaying tactics or instead implemented to achieve a more favourable settlement agreement. Either way, the company will rigorously seek to enforce repayment.

Communicate your Position / Contact Us Promptly

Whether the debtor achieves this via a representative or directly, prompt and open communication leads to the quickest agreements that eliminate for all time any related claims against the debtor in any country. It also takes away the stress overdue debt inevitably brings with it and begins the process of financial restoration. When a debtor contacts the company they should be aware that Credit Solutions International Ltd is a licenced debt collection agency and that any information obtained will be used for this purpose. The company maintains detailed files and values frank exchanges as a route to speedy resolutions.

Dispelling Myths about Creditors

In the normal course of the company’s business, it is presented with arguments and myths about creditors. A recurring one is that creditors have their losses covered by a government or by taxpayers, so have no need nor right to pursue debtors for their losses. This argument is simply not accurate. Lender losses are in fact true financial losses that lenders logically strive to reduce as much as possible.

Another myth is that a lender should have known that, for example, property prices were in a bubble, so it is the lender’s fault if it lent money towards a property purchase – the lender gambled and lost. Further reflection on this will clearly demonstrate that no lender would knowingly embark on such activity, the same applying to borrowers of course. The reality remains that significant sums may have indeed been lost on both sides, but also that there were two wiling parties to the original transaction. Credit Solutions International Ltd works towards ensuring that there is a reasonable resolution to the unanticipated and by nature painful predicament.

By contacting us here, you can start to put this chapter permanently behind you.

Sources of advice for debtors provided by UK Government:

Citizens Advice Bureau

National Debtline

Other sources of advice for debtors:

StepChange   (formerly Consumer Credit Counselling Service)

Debt Advice Foundation


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