Difficult debts - simple solutions


Credit Solutions International has a unique attribute in the financial environment:
we have local licencing for debt collection and also lending.
When combining these attributes using our patent-applied-for methodology, we have the mechanism to promote a once troublesome debt-plagued consumer become a potential new customer with improved credit standing.
Our unique methodology is wholly weighted to provide positive outcomes for all parties whilst also retaining positive brand perception of the original creditor - a concept often sacrificed by a creditor when utilising traditional collection practices.
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International Services
Businesses associated with international loans between U.S. and U.K. are experiencing growing numbers of customers who are failing to meet local repayments, even though they may have substantial assets in their native country.
Frequently, those customers may attempt to hide behind the previously assumed safety of international borders in the belief that foreign debt recovery by the lender is impractical or even unenforceable.
Enter Credit Solutions International Limited: the full service debt collection & risk management company aiming to secure a credible and beneficial result for all parties.

Consumer Conversion

Our mechanism to convert consumer debt into potential new business is unique. Retaining the creditor's brand image throughout the consumer's journey is paramount and our methodology can promote this.
Reach out for the previously unreachable.

International Debt Recovery

Our U.K. & U.S. presence coupled to our credit licencing in both countries means that we can assist businesses with debt recovery across borders, even in the most difficult of cases that previously may have seemed impossible.
Difficult debts - simple solutions.

Credit Monitoring

Our licenced status means that we have the ability to monitor borrowers' credit profiles to identify trends and reduce the risk of any bad debts before they escalate.
Put simply: prevention is better than cure.